Always say no to bad offer

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Within past three months I was called couple of times by my ISP’s (UPC) representatives. They offered me to change my Internet plan from 15Mb/s to 10, of course price would be lowered by 80-100 CZK, but I’ve declined it as I prefer to have faster than cheaper connection. Last call wast a little offensive as guy when I’ve declined his offer became angry and was very close to call me an idiot (at least it’s my feeling). He was trying to daunt me saying that they’re planning to lower rates for everybody in my block anyway, so I would stay paying more for the same what everybody else got. I’ve refused it as I got my contract signed for certain speed. But on Friday they’ve called me again and offered 25Mb/s for 25 CZK more (around 1.20 USD), obviously I’ve accepted it and since Saturday I’m enjoying higher speed. Don’t let anybody fool you, if you have a contract it’s obligatory for both sides, not only you.