You must be logical when speaking to programmers

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I’m reading Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy now (great book) and found this funny fragment.
*Marge Saunders would drive to the Safeway every Saturday morning in the Volkswagen and upon her return ask her husband, “Would you like to help me bring in the groceries?” Bob Saunders would reply, “No.” Stunned, Marge would drag in the groceries herself. After the same thing occurred a few times, she exploded, hurling curses at him and demanding to know why he said no to her question.

“That’s a stupid question to ask,” he said. “Of course I won’t like to help you bring in the groceries. If you ask me if I’ll help you bring them in, that’s another matter.”

I love programmers way of thinking. It’s like in this joke:
Wife sent her husband to buy some groceries and said to him:
- Buy 10 eggs, if there would be pineapples buy two.
So guy gone to shop and asked seller:
- Do you have pineapples?
- Yes - said seller.
- So give me 2 eggs.