CC Everybody

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Again thanks to Techcrunch I’ve learned about cool new Internet service - CC Everybody. It’s a blogging/forum service where you can start or reply to a post/thread by sending email to designated email address. You can even cc your personal address when you’re exchanging emails with your friends and entire conversation would appear on website. It’s quite cool, I’m thinking about using it to exchange funny pictures with my friends and family. I don’t know about storing email conversation there as everybody can see it, but maybe some discussions on general topics, why not. It’s still in beta, but Techcrunch offers 500 invitations, so if you’ll be fast you should be able to join. One thing that is annoying, as for me, is the fact that when you’ll send email to your designated address from the account you’ve supplied when registering, you still have to approve it on site before it would be published. Maybe it’s meant to provide you with more security, as you’ll have another chance to check if you really want to post this content. But I find it really unfriendly.

It reminded me about situation when I’ve sent a joke to everybody in my company. Not everybody found it funny and I’ve got a conversation with my boss. So be careful what you’re posting as it’s very hard (or rather impossible) to delete something from Internet.

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