Deep hide:)

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Today I’ve read article on Polish security portal about a guy who was searching for information about his debtor and accidentally found a file with list of over 1000 debtors of PKO BP (Polish bank), more here (unfortunately only in Polish). First he was accused that he obtained this file illegally by breaking into bank’s network, but police found no evidence for that and file was indeed indexed by search engines. So after charges have been dropped bank’s spokesman informed general public that this file was, as he called it, “deep hide” and was indexed just after 4 years. Nice explanation. I believe this “deep hide” was some complicated folder structure like teenagers are using to hide porn from the eye of their parents, example below:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Document Parts\1033**hot_teenage_girls** :P

Yep, this is indeed security at its best:) And let me use nasty comparison here, this time bank performed deep… throat.