[Spoiler alert] Master has fallen

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I’ve seen Cop Out recently. I was really waiting to watch this movie, mostly because Kevin Smith has directed it. But also because of Mr. Bruce Willis, who, by the way, seems to be getting old a lot slower than other movie stars from his era. What can I say about this picture? Well, it was average. Average when comparing to other similar titles. But we’re talking about Kevin fucking Smith here, the man who brought us Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy (yeah, I know that the last one is gay, but I really like this film). So when I’m trying to rate it from this angle I must say that movie was lame. Really, it’s not the right way Mr. Smith. I know that everybody must eat and do stuff they don’t necessary want to, but have to in order to pay rent. But please, there are better ways to earn money.
What is this movie about? Two really strange cops are getting suspended after disastrous action (BTW. black guy in cell phone costume is not funny, at all). One played by Willis must get money to be able to pay for his daughter’s wedding, so he is trying to sell his valuable baseball card (how original, we haven’t seen it in cinema before), but unlucky for him store he is visiting gets robbed and robbers took his card (one of the robbers is Stifler who also got better roles in his life). So they’re (he and his partner) chasing them in order to retrieve this precious sport gadget. Of course (what a surprise) it brings them to the main bad guy involved in the case they were working on before they’ve got suspended. And finale is of course happy end with big wedding and bigger disappointment. I’ve watched entire movie, this wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever seen, it’s not even in first ten of the worst ones. But as I really like Smith’s work and value him as screenwriter, director and actor, I was feeling betrayed after watching it.

P. S. Calling John McClane Jimmy is not cool. Not cool at all!