First fail of Windows 7

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I’m using Windows 7 on my desktop for some time now, I’ve upgraded from Vista. Yesterday I’ve shutdown the system normally, without any problems. Today after start and logging into I’ve noticed that wallpaper is changed and then message appeared that I was logged into a temporary profile and have no access to my files. WTF?! I’ve logged off and started my Mac to catch up with few things meanwhile. Log off process was on for about 15 minutes, so I’ve finally gave up and turned off machine then turned it on again. Selected to start Windows normally in after crash dialog and voila my profile has been launched without problem, I have all my files and settings. Windows is strangest system, really. Next time somebody would ask me why I prefer Mac OS I’ll point him to this post. Just hope that it was single instance of this issue, will make a new backup though, just in case.