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I’ve watched this movie the other night and must say I’m impressed. Long time haven’t seen picture which would keep my nerves tight all the time. There are no famous actors in it, so it wouldn’t be blockbuster. But it’s really worth seeing if you like such movies. By such I mean slashers, but with a decent story which lets you think and get deeper into movie. This was the case with Saw, as for me, but the first one, as next parts where rather getting down.
The only part which wasn’t very good is question I’ve asked myself all the time watching it, how the hell this guy managed to do all this in such short period of time. But if you turn a blind eye on it, rest is really good. Film is dark, scary and violent. Actually extremely violent, my wife was shutting her eyes many times. But we have also nice things here, like Madeline Zima’s boobs, for instance:) 810