[Spoiler?] Sherlock Holmes

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I was really prejudiced to this movie. I love Sherlock Holmes and his adventures, but after watching the trailer (find it below) I’ve had a feeling that they would make a stupid action movie from it.

Fortunately I was wrong. Well, it’s not the old Sherlock from times when it was about sharp mind rather than strong hand to solve the mystery. But it’s really entertaining. If you will set your attitude to watch it as combination of Die Hard, some comedy and criminal, then you will not be disappointed. At least I wasn’t. This picture has good scenery (to not say awesome), great tempo, fantastic actors (more about it to come) and not bad story.
As for actors, they were great. But Robert Downey Jr. shouldn’t even try to speak with British accent. Sometimes all I was able to hear from him was blablabla. But maybe it’s because English is not my native language. Anyway he played very good, his mimics was hilarious, he really fit in to this character. His best friend Dr. Watson was also OK and got much better accent, I wonder why;) And we shall not forget about Rachel McAdams who played Irene Adler the thief and object of love for Mr. Holmes. She was beautiful as always, but her role wasn’t too deep, so she couldn’t show her best. Last but not least, a little less known actress Kelly Reilly which was Mary Morstan, fiancee of Dr. Watson, in the movie. Her role wasn’t big, but this lady is so charming that I couldn’t resist to mention her. Forgive me.
As I’ve said before story is quite alright, but nothing special. Nice thing was this mysterious character who employed Ms. Adler to spy and influence our detective. It’s our good friend Professor Moriarty, biggest enemy of Holmes. I’ve marked this post with spoiler tag because of him, but I believe that real Sherlock fans would figure it out anyway while watching the movie. This person is really dark and give us a hope for a sequel. 810.