Localization: Greek alphabet (text)

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As I’ve spent quite a time searching for Greek alphabet on Internet which would be usable to my needs (so just list of letter which I can copy to for instance Excel spreadsheet). All the hits directed me to such list, but letters were graphics not normal chars, so no copy as text:( I’ve finally gave up, took the list from Wikipedia (which was a bit messy table), work a bit with regular expressions, and voila:) I have my list of all Greek letters as a text, with tabulators added to be easy copied to separate cells in Excel. I’m happy:) And to spare other people pain of creating (and first finding) such list I’m pasting it here:

Α  α  Ν  ν  Β  β  Ξ  ξ  Γ  γ  Ο  ο  Δ  δ
Π  π  Ε  ε  Ρ  ρ  Ζ  ζ  Σ  σ  ς  Η  η  Τ
τ  Θ  θ  Υ  υ  Ι  ι  Φ  φ  Κ  κ  Χ  χ  Λ
λ  Ψ  ψ  Μ  μ  Ω  ω

Just use “Paste Special -> Unicode Text” Excel function. Enjoy!