Spoiler Alert: Whiteout

· by Peter · Read in about 2 min · (218 words) ·

I was waiting to watch this movie and when I’ve finally did, I’m a little disappointed. I wanted to give it 510, but I can’t as even though it not completely was what I’ve expected, still I’ve spent nice time with this picture. Maybe it was because of the trailer (find it below) which has this feel of mystery, thrill and surprise. And movie doesn’t have it, at all.

I can’t say it’s bad, but it doesn’t have this deep, a catch which would make you really feel it. Instead we’ve nice picture, with beautiful scenery of ice and even more beautiful Kate Beckinsale. Why there is so little of her in Hollywood BTW?
And of course I knew that doctor is involved from the moment he was trying to cover up first murder. So there was no mystery (well, maybe I wasn’t sure what Russians were transporting). Also tension gone somewhere and couldn’t come back. But still it wasn’t bad, it’s properly made piece of cinema (of course I can grumble about characters walking outside in -65 Celsius degrees without wearing any face cover, and about the fact that they seemed to feel snow storm only when they were not attracted to the safety rope) and this is the main problem. It’s only correct, nothing more. 610