Magic Mouse

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Today finally, after three weeks of waiting, I’ve received my Magic Mouse. Christmas gift from my lovely wife. I must say that I’m impressed. It takes a while to switch from MacBook’s touch pad, but it’s worth it. It’s pretty accurate, but it’s not surprise as it’s laser based. At last I have a mouse which is wireless, blue-tooth. My previous mice were wireless, but always radio based, so they got often jammed by other media. Here I got very decent connection and it’s fast. Now I can move precisely and quickly around Mac OS, everything takes less time and is more enjoyable. What is a little bad is the fact that you have different gestures for mouse than for touch pad. It’s not very convenient as I must remember two sets of gestures, but will live. Also for minus is the clicking sound when hitting one of two “normal” buttons, it sounds like in very old mice. I hope I would get used to it. Scroll is amazing, very fast. No problems with gestures, I have a feeling that Magic Mouse is more responsive than touch pad. And of course now I can easily select multiple files and drag and drop them wherever I want, it wasn’t so easy without my rodent. I like it, a lot.

Again thanks to my wife, she always know how to make me happy:)