Spoiler Alert: Carriers

· by Peter · Read in about 1 min · (144 words) ·

I’ve watched Carriers yesterday. Basing on a trailer you can think that there are some kind of monsters in this movie.

But there aren’t. It’s movie about lethal virus which is killing human kind and a bunch of friends who are trying to find some peace in this really bad situation. Actually it’s good that they didn’t put any monsters in this picture, because it would kill it. Instead we have really nice thriller with some drama. Quite good role by young Capt. Kirk, he can be good actor in the future. We have difficult choices here, however I don’t think I would make the same decisions. But it’s hard to tell if you’re not in the same situation. Anyway it’s a really good piece of movie and totally worth to spent your time, if you like this genre of course. 710 from me.