What do I like in Threadsy

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I’ve been invited to test threadsy.com which is some kind of aggregation site which combines your mail, Facebook and Twitter (and more) accounts into one data stream. After some troubles with creating my account (it’s still in testing phase, so it can happen) I’ve added my Gmail, Twitter and Facebook accounts into it and begin to play. It’s pretty impressive. Everything is divided into two streams. One on the left called “inbound” consist every message which is posted directly to you. Left stream, called “unbound” is everything posted by your friends which is not addressed directly to you. You can post comments to Facebook posts directly from the stream, you can “like” them as well. You can post your post from it either and it’s possible to post both to FB and twitter simultaneously. It saves some time. But two things are pretty awesome:

  1. When you’re posting link on FB, Threadsy will shorten it for you.

  2. When your link points to a movie (for instance on YouTube) then threadsy would embed it into post. I know that FB is doing it as well, but it’s not always working, at least for me. Threadsy is handling it pretty well.

What I don’t like about it is that when I’ve first launched bottom of the screen was truncated so I was unable to see everything, that’s why I’ve missed option to invite ten more people to test Threadsy. And support suggested me to follow them on Twitter, because they’re posting invites there from time to time. Lame!
Anyway, I’m happy with this new service for now. Time will show if it’s really so good.