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TechCrunch posted text about how Facebook is trying to help unpopular people by asking their friends to post more often on their walls, read more here. It reminded me that when I was 10 years old (more or less) I’ve had neighbors with exactly the same kid as described in article. He was a year younger than me and really nice guy, but not very popular. Even kids in the same age as he was preferred to play with me than with him. His mother was so desperate that she once come to me and my pal when we were playing, and dragged him by force to her apartment to play with her son. Yeah, I was shocked. My mate “escaped” after few minutes. Next day father of my neighbor approached me with very serious look in his eyes and told me that I’m stealing his son’s friends and that he doesn’t like it. I was really frightened (10 years old), but fortunately my other buddy was there with me, so it ended just with that. Anyway, as you probably suspecting, it doesn’t end up well to the kido. He became even more unpopular. So as TechCrunch already suggested, if you’re parent of not very “cool” kid, don’t try to make “artificial” friendships for him, it would end up even worst.

OK, don’t know why, but I’ve felt like I must write it down. Uff, relief.