I'm a Mac!

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Since yesterday I’m happy owner of MacBook Pro! I’ve waited long time and had many other desktops and laptops in the past, but finally I have it:) And it was a good deal, so double win, or like Americans like to say win win. And guess what? Yes, you’re right I’m writing this message from my new Mac!

As I’m still a newbie everything keeps amazing me. I’m really surprised what Mac OS offers right out the box. I’ve read a lot before I’ve bought it, but still shocked how easy it is to do anything on this computer. From the moment I’ve took it out from the box to be completely operable passed like 2-3, and it was already connected to the Internet! No more drivers. Most programs I need for day-to-day usage was already there, so to customize everything to my needs took me a lot less time than with Windows. And of course my favorite terminal is here! I can now log in to my Linux servers without third party programs. Pretty amazing. Hope everything be so fine in the future of my Mac journey.