Windows Update is not multilingual!

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For about a month I was receiving notification that there is service pack 2 available for my Office 2007 package via Windows Update. So I’ve chosen to install it, but it always returned error when installing. Today I’ve decided that it’s about time to update my Office, so I’ve navigated to MS site and downloaded update manually. Started installation and boom, error again! But then something came to my mind, “wait a minute, I have English version of Vista, but Polish version of Office!”. Of course, it was so simple. I’ve downloaded Polish version of service pack 2 and installation went smoothly. Yeah! But why Windows Update cannot recognize that I’m using Polish version. Is it making decisions only basing on version of OS? Apparently yes, but it’s stupid. Hopefully it would be fixed in Windows 7.

BTW. It may look like I’m another guy against MS, but I’m not. I’m rather pro MS, but I simply hate when something is not working like it should.