Wolfram faster than writers:)

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There is new service called Wolfram which is being called by some people “the search engine”. But it’s not, it’s more like question/answer service, but using software instead of other humans to answer. For instance if you would look for “zamosc” (my hometown) in Google y0u’ll find links to several websites with word “zamosc” on it. But if you will search for the same phrase in Wolfram then you would receive data like population, current weather and so on. Hope it clarifies a bit what Wolfram is (if not please check it out yourself on Wolfram webpage, it’s in alpha phase, but it works pretty good).

But back to subject. Polish news portal gazeta.pl published a text (Polish only, sorry) that Wolfram is offending my country by not putting info about Poland being involved in World War II. War is very sensitive subject in Poland, so I portal took this opportunity to publish this “hot” story. I’ve read this article today and wanted to check if it’s really true. But after searching for “second world war”, exactly the same as in article, I’ve received following:
date | 1. 9. 1939 to 2. 9. 1945
countries involved | Republic of Poland | United States of America | Union of Soviet Socialist Republics | United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland | Nazi Germany | Japan | Italian Republic | Republic of Hungary | Kingdom of Romania | Republic of Bulgaria | French Third Republic | French State
people involved | Neville Chamberlain | Winston Churchill | Franklin D Roosevelt | Josef Stalin | Adolf Hitler | Benito Mussolini | Emperor Hirohito | Hideki Tojo | Hermann Goering | Charles De Gaulle | Harry S Truman

I’ve highlighted Republic of Poland to show that it’s not only there, but it’s on the first place. I wonder if Wolfram has fixed it after some complaints from Polish people, or it was fixed itself by some db update (remember that it’s still alpha), or this problem never existed. Who knows, but I’m really impressed by the speed of Wolfram developers as by the engine itself. It can be very useful in many work related tasks, but couldn’t be treated as “normal” search engine. Google would still rule the world.