Easy Outlook data export

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I’ve recently switched from hosted Exchange account to GMail and had about 100 of contacts in my Outlook data file. Too much to enter manually, but luckily GMail is offering import function using CSV files. Yuppi I’ve said. But it was too soon to celebrate victory. It came out that my Import/Export option in Outlook File menu is grayed (disabled). Have no fear Google is here, I’ve said and started searching. Unfortunately without results. I was mad and still don’t want to enter everything manually, so I’ve left it as is (only few most important contacts on my GMail account).

And today the resolution came to me suddenly (I believe that I’ve finally rested a little, so my brain started to work), there is Polish software company (CodeTwo) which is developing very useful tools for MS Exchange. I was using their products many times. So I’ve visited their website and found what I was looking for. CodeTwo Outlook Export ladies and gentlemen it is. It’s great, but tiny tool, which gives you ability to export every data from Outlook to CSV. And even let you give custom names to the fields you’re importing (useful when you’re using localized version of Outlook (as I did) and want to import exported data to app which doesn’t support your local names). After few minutes of adjustments I’ve gained full list of my contacts on my GMail account. Happy!