Problem with VPN connection in (not IE8) Win7

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Because of many reasons I’m using VPN connection when surfing the Web. It’s very good feature for me that I can setup IE7 to be able to connect to my VPN provider before connecting to any web server. But it’s not working good in Internet Explorer 8. When I’ve changed settings to dial default connection and trying to navigate to some page usual dialog about making such connection appears, but:

  1. It’s not connecting me with VPN.

  2. It displays a drop-down list where I should be able to choose the connection (remember that I’ve set the default one, so it shouldn’t appear), but the list is blank.

So no automatic use of VPN in IE8. I’m not saying that it sucks, because:

  1. IE8 is still under development, however it’s very late stage.

  2. I’ve tested it only on Windows 7 which is also under development, so maybe it’s not IE fault, but OS. If time would allow I will test it on XP or Vista box to be sure.


OK, as a real geek I couldn’t stand a fact that I’ve not tested it on different OS:) So after launching my Hyper-V station I was able to check it on Windows XP Professional with IE8 installed (same as on Win7), and it’s working. So, it’s definitively not IE8 fault, but Win7. Hopefully they would fix it in final version (I’m rather sure about it). Till then I would need to connect manually:(