Free hosting

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Maybe somebody have noticed that I’ve started using Twitter. First I’ve felt like I’m getting mad or something. What is it for? I’ve been asking myself. It’s complete waste of time and it’s stupid thing, good for schoolgirls or lonely people. But now I can see that there are some advantages of this. Yesterday I’ve gained one follower, which is probably a bot, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve wanted to get some info about who is so interested in rubbish I’m writing. And found out that this is some hosting provider who is offering free web hosting. Nice? Of course, but after further investigation it began to be even nicer. Because, ladies and gentlemen, here you have hosting, which is absolutely free, and has such features as:
# 2 Gigabytes of Disk Space
# 150 Gigabytes of Monthly Data (bandwidth)
# FTP Access

It’s very cool for free one. It would be not enough for experienced web developers, but just to keep photos of your kids or your personal website it’s enough in my opinion. So, if you’re interested in having hosting for free go to and register.


As I was curious how it really works, I’ve created account. And must say that I’m amazed. Registration is very easy, you’re providing some info (like user name, password, sub-domain name, etc.) and answering some easy math related question (like 1 + 8 is?). Then you’ll be redirected to the page with some adds (as service is for free it’s their privilege to display you some adverts), it shows you progress bar, but you don’t need to watch it, it does nothing. Just check your email if you got confirmation for your registration process (mine was in spam, so be careful) and click the link from there. Now you can simply log in.

Control panel is DirectAdmin with limited functionality. But you can add your domain (if you don’t want url like, create MySQL database and manage it by phpMyAdmin (I was really surprised to see that in free hosting), you have even quite number of Perl modules installed. So what I’ve written first that it’s not for web developers it’s not necessary true. And what really astonished me is that there are a lot of ready scripts which you can install by only one click (for instance WordPress, phpBB and much more). There are even more scripts than in mine personal hosting which I’m paying 5$ a month for. Will take a closer look on it then. Maybe it would be a step to save some money.