Wired "war" against netbooks continues

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Another day and another article against netbooks on wired.com. This time it’s much better than last time, but still. I believe expectations of the author are too big. You’ll never have fool comfort with such small device, and I would definitively not even think of writing a book on netbook. However I believe it’s quite cool to serf the net with it, if your websites have more pictures than text. Other accusation is that keyboard is cramped. Well, what do you expect from something so small, again. People, change your attitude. If something is meant to be only a little more than a Pocket PC (at least it’s mine point of view) then don’t expect it to be something else.

But most interesting thing is in this part “I haven’t given on getting a sub-$400 netbook that is really lightweight and comfortable to use. Someday the right one will come along and it could still change my life. But for now, I live with the same old me.”. Should we expect that there would be new player on the netbooks market? And Wired would advertise it. Could be, everything is possible. However my pal has told me that maybe it’s something about Psion and it’s rights to Netbook name. Hmm… Future would show us truth, I believe.