Is your employer snooping on you?

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As some wise guy called Ziembor said “most of nowadays blogs are just re-blogging other blogs or news sites” (Ziembor has his own blog at, unfortunately only in Polish). I hope mine is not like that, but truly last time there are many interesting stories which I want to comment. Is it bad, decide.

Again has published interesting article. This time about how future employers are snooping network searching for info about candidate. I would not re-blog it here, as I’ve promised. I just started to wonder, if my current employer is doing it now. And does it really matter what I’m publishing on network. If it’s not work related then it shouldn’t be in my company’s interest, but who knows. Should I start to be scared about using the Web? Would I ruin my career by posting nonsense on this blog? Hopefully not, but I’ve started to think about it. Deeply. And maybe should you.