Alcoholic weekend

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I’ve attended company event last weekend in Slovakia. It was in the beautiful village called Cicmany. It was nice, but a little crazy. As we were really overworked we wanted to relax, fully relax. So we’ve drunk everything what was in sight, I mean everything. Well, sometimes a man must just reset his mind. And I did it, successfully:)

Anyway beside of drinking there were also other nice activities such as walking on beautiful hills in great company, bow shooting (no, I’m definitively not next Robin Hood for sure, but it was quite nice), and of course pig killing. No I wasn’t killing the pig myself, people from the pension took care of it. And trust me there is nothing better than meat from fresh killed pig. I was about post here the pictures of killing the pig, but decided that it would be too brutal for some people.

So, here I am. Fresh, relaxed, and ready for the next part of exhausting work.