MTS 2008

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Finally I’ve a little time to write about the conference I’ve attended this month. It was Microsoft Technology Summit in Warsaw, Poland. It was a bunch of┬álectures about current IT stuff. I’ve been on almost all lectures about Active Directory service in which I’m very interested. They were great, especially one given by Tomasz Onyszko. This guy is awesome and really knows his work. There was also a tremendous duet, John and Sally, they’re born to giving lectures. But not all was good. There was a Hyper-V lecture which was pretty lame. It was given by a guy from MS and he really knew the subject. But he was not confident about this technology. Every time somebody asked him a question “Is this a good solution for…?”, he replied “Yes, but if you want to be 100% sure you should do it old fashion way (without virtualization)”. So he didn’t got me into Hyper-V, no sir.

I’ve also received a backpack with set of marketing materials. Which was so nice that was theft by Ariette:)

Conference was really nice and worth money spent, and travelling 700 kms to Poland, as I’m not Polish resident anymore. But I would have to pay full price (something like 500$, instead of 120$ which I’ve paid as a member of Windows Server Community), then I would be a little disappointed. Believe me spending two days in overcrowded place and eating on the floor (there was a lunch provided, but no place to sit) is not the thing I would pay 500$ for. But for the amount I’ve paid it was worth to be there. Climate was great. Sessions were awesome, well mainly. I would definitively come next year, for the same price of course:)

And to end this post nice, I would like to show you my ID card from this event. What was funny about it is that you had to provide name of your company when registering. But as I’m no longer living in Poland I was told by staff that I should feel in company field name of someone who can get the package with card in Poland. So I did it. And this morons printed it on my card. So from now on I’m officially employed by my girlfriend:) Well, that would definitively not be the worst job I can imagine.