Hungarian Vacation

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I was so overworked that I forgot to write that I had a very short vacation this year. And yes, I was in Hungary. I’ve seen the most beatiful lake in the world, Balaton. But weather was awful so I haven’t been in the water:( I was also in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. And I must say wow! It’s the most beatiful city I’ve ever seen. The feel when you’re walking on these very tight streets, it’s underscriptable. You must see and feel it yourself. And these buildings, very old, and quite different from the rest of Europe that I know. It was very nice to be there.

Oh, and I was not alone. I was there with my better half and she made many pictures, I mean a lot! She also fell in love at the first sight when she saw Budapest. So we definitively would have to go there again, this time for longer. Maybe even next year.

Of course I’ve eaten many dishes from Hungarian cuisine, which is world famous. I don’t remember the names, but I’ve really enjoyed it. And it was affordable:)

It was really wonderful time. If you want watch a little of Hungary, then I’m inviting you to my gallery. Well, only gallery is mine, cause all photos are made by Ariette.