Science Fiction in USA

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I think somebody in US government has lost his mind. The new idea to improve the security in air traffic is to give every passenger Safety Bracelet. It would have built-in GPS (and also a chip with personal information about passenger) and some kind of teaser which would shock him with electricity when he would step out the line. I think it’s crazy and somebody who invented it should be prisoned. If you want to see how this bracelet looks like then here you go:

Safety Bracelet

The original article about it is here “Want some torture with your peanuts?”. When I’ve read this it reminded me some old movie with Rutger Hauer. It was about prisoners in the futuristic jail which has no bars or walls. All prisoners had a special collars on their necks and when somebody tried to escape collar exploded. Maybe it would be next step. Movie was called “Wedlock” if somebody wants to watch it.