Indy is still alive!

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Yesterday I’ve watched new Indiana Jones. As a big fan of this movie I was a little afraid about new one. Harrison Ford is not young, and to be adventurer with a hat and a whip you must be really healthy. But as Hollywood has best stunt men ever, it was pretty fun to watch Mr. Jones running and jumping most of time. Story is rather simple and, as it is always in such movies, naive. So, we have a Russians, no no Germans this time:), who are looking for ancient city where are crystal skulls which would give big power to the one who posses it. I mean sidekick power. Everybody are seeking this town and it’s quite interesting to watch them doing it. Movie is very quick and you have no time to think for too long, and that’s good, because if you would… Well, this movie is not to thinking about story, but to watch special effects and action. Hough!

Oh, and I must say a word about new character in the movie. Young man who is assisting Indy in his journey. I don’t think I like this actor, as he was main character in Transformers (stupid movie). But he was alright in Crystal Skull. And he is also a little surprise, well I knew this almost from the beginning:), as he is… Haha, I’m not gonna tell you, watch the movie and you’ll find out.

Another thing worth to mention it, is nuclear explosion. Yes, nuclear explosion, and Indiana is in the middle of it, literally. It’s consistent with Alfred Hitchcock’s rule, which says “You must start with a big bang, and keep audience excited to the end”. And new Indy is just like that! If you love such movies, I do, you must see it. If you’re looking for something which has deep and sense, better stay at home.

Did I mentioned that this skull is from space? No, so I’m telling now, it is. And I think it’s little too much. Jones is archaeologist, not ufologist. He should hunt for history, not for unreal. That’s why I’m giving Crystal Skull 910, not 10. But it’s still worth seeing. Only one rule, you must see it at cinema!

Finishing this post I must write that this movie is the first one I’ve seen in Czech Republic, thanks it had original audio, only Czech subtitles which weren’t much disturbing luckily.