Ahoj from Czech

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First of all I’ll explain meaning of the word “Ahoj”. It means simply “Hi”:) Yes, I’m learning Czech. I’ve found really funny Czech word “napad” which means “idea”. It’s funny because in Polish “napad” means “attack”. So, this is a nice one:)

What can I say after three weeks of living in Czech Republic. I must say, I’m enjoying it! It’s very peaceful here. Everything has slower rhythm. And it’s very good place for people who like to see wonderful places. Near Brno (about 50 km south) is church on the island. I’ve seen it only on pictures and it’s amazing. But I’m planning to see it by my own eyes, so be prepared for photos!

Only one thing is worst than in Poland (probably there are more, but I haven’t discovered them yet, lucky me), Banks. To open a bank account in Poland you need only to fill the form on bank website and carrier would bring you all paper which you need to sign, and take it back to the bank for you. And it’s absolutely free. Also bank account is free of charges, as well as credit card and internet access to your account. In Czech you need to go to the bank, which is opened then you’re working. Provide them your passport and document that you’re employed. Also you must pay for everything. So it’s not so convenient as in Poland. But this is just one thing and is not annoying me much. Well, nothing is perfect.

Very good thing for me is that I have only 4 km from home to work. So I’m spending less on gas, in Warsaw I’ve had almost 18 km. And there is absolutely no traffic! Of course comparing to Warsaw:)

OK. That’s it for now. Stay tuned for another great news from Czech Republic. Good night, and good luck!