Trying to change something in 2008

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We’ve completely new year, so I was trying to summarize the past. I’ve concluded that I’ve almost totally forgot about what is really important, friends, family, people I love most. I was so overworked that I forgot to give some of my time to them, and to myself also. So I’ll try to change that in this year. First move is already behind me. I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in Slovakia with Ariette. It was great, we had a lot of fun and we visited many places, pictures coming soon. And for myself I’m starting English lessons on Tuesday, after two years break in learning this language. I have a hope that soon I’ll be writing more clearly on my blog to make it more pleasant for you to read. I also want to apologize all my friends for not having time for you, I want to change that and have a hope that I’ll succeed.

Happy New Year!