Affleck not that bad

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I watched the movie this Sunday and it was good movie. It was Gone Baby Gone directed by… Ben Affleck. Yes, yes this one who was with J Lo and this one who was playing in Dogma. Yes this stupid actor, well I thought he was pretty stupid and lame. Maybe he is not a good actor, he isn’t indeed. But he’s a good director. Movie is good directed, good played, fast, screenplay makes sense. The only one thing which I have against it are dialogs, they’re lame to the ground. I was thinking that this movie would be the waste of 2h of my life. But I was really surprised. It’s good movie, smart story and when it finishes you’re starting to think. And I like such kind of movies.

I want to say thanks to Rebecca who grabbed me from the hotel and taken me to the cinema. Without you I wouldn’t see that for sure.