Real monsters

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Today I’ve watched a movie Cujo, based on a novel of Stephen King. In this movie father told to son that there are no monsters in real world there are only in fairy tales, because he was afraid of monster in his closet. When I heard that, I got such thought that there are monsters in real world, but it’s not such easy to identify them like in fairy tale or movie. In movie, or book, we could see quite clear who is bad and who is good. In real world it’s different. I don’t know if the man, which I’m staying next to in the bus, isn’t rapist or murderer. Real problem with bad people is that you can’t see from someones face who he really is.

In my short life I was bitten to unconscious, threaten by the gun, and some other unpleasant things. And I must say that I wasn’t able to identify bad intentions in that people. It it was like in movie, I could avoid such situations, but it wasn’t.

What I want to tell is that real horror is taking place here, in our everyday life. Maybe this is the reason why we like to watch scary movie, to watch evil which is easy to identify. When watching movie you know what you should be scared of, and this gives you some sort of security which you don’t have in real world. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t feel safe walking on the street, and I feel I’m not alone.