Why horrors?

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I'm big fan of horrors. And I've never wondered why I like them so much. But few days ago I got a thought, and I realized why. Have a sit, this would be scary. I like horrors because when I see what people created (in books or movies) I know that not only I have such imagination. And that I'm not a psycho. I mean that I have a cruel, gross and very dark imagination. If I have a dream, what happens not often, it's mostly a scary dream full of violence. Sometimes they are so suggestive that I'm waking up with my hand raised to defend myself from imaginary threat. So I'm getting relaxed when I read another book from the master Stephen King, and I may calm down and say "Hey, this guy has similar ideas, fantasies as I and he earns millions on it. So maybe I'm not so weird?". It's very consolatory.

One person suggested me to start writing about what I’m dreaming of. But first, this person is far from being objective. Second, master said that if you want to write good, you should spent 4 hours reading, and 4 hours writing every day, I can’t afford that. Third, I believe that many people would lost rest of respect for me, after reading my dreams. So let it stay in the dark side of my mind. It would be better.