CNN from yesterday

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I watched CNN yesterday and some guy, kill me but I don't remember his name, was making fun of Live Earth concert. Concert was in US and it's purpose was to solve the climate crisis. And what was so funny about it, you may ask. Well, all spectators driven by cars, they drunk and eaten big amounts of food and left tons of garbages. And the best was some stupid girl talking about human impact on climate crisis. She was talking so much stupid things, that I even don't want to write about it here.

And as a word of explanation. I don’t think that only Americans are stupid. I’m sure that if such concert would take place in Poland, the situation would be the same. But maybe somebody could tell me how people can save our environment by polluting the air with their cars and by leaving tons of garbages. I really don’t know.

The only one person who get there by bicycle was the CNN reporter. I know that it’s very popular to be a poser nowadays, in every country on the globe, but I don’t think that it’s the right way to change something. How shallow must be human, who is happy because his friends are thinking that he is trying to do something good. But in reality he did nothing.

Oh, and if somebody is interested what is Live Earth follow the link: Live Earth

UPDATE: The guy from CNN is Jon Stewart!