Godwin's Law

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Today I found a Godwin's Law definition on Internet. It goes like "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.". It's very interesting. And I think that this situations is common, but... In political discussions or similiar subjects. I can't imagine how people can discuss about, for instance, a new iPhone and call somebody a Nazist. Well, but rule is the rule.

Also it is tradition that if somebody compare anybody to Hitler or Nazi, the discussion is over and person who used such argument is considered as “looser”. It also sounds like nonsense to me, but maybe I’m reading wrong Usenet newsgroups or forums. I don’t know.

Godwin’s Law

Oh, and maybe it’s like that because Hitler and Nazis means more for Polish guy, than for other nations and we don’t use such names very often. Maybe because we really knew what it means.