I love Quentin!

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As I said before, I like movies. And especially I like Quentin Tarantino's movies. He's movies have specific climate and are without typicall Hollywood sweetness. In one word his movies are true. When he puts criminial in front of our eyes, it's criminal. Another thing I like in his creative activity is that he didn't put romance in his movies. I hate, and it's common in Hollywood movies, when I see a romance in horror or action movie. OK, but let's get to the point.

I saw a new movie of Quentin, Grindhouse: Death Proof. And I must say that it’s amazing. Beatiful music, climate of real road movie, and pictures. The pictures in movie are awesome, they are stylized to look like from the 70’s movie. Film reel is dirty with scratches, sometimes it jumps, sometimes it’s black and white. It’s excellent. And of course dialogs, yes, dialogs are the Quentin’s masterpiece. You feel all the aspects of character, and you know who he really is from the way he talks. I’m very impressed. Last, but not least, are stunt scenes. They are tremendous, you have mouth wide open when you watch it, and when there’s a really dangerous situations you’re beggining to clutch your fists. Oh, and one more thing, girls:) Yes, they’re beatiful, sexy and very self-confident. Watch the lap dance scene and you’ll get what I mean. Also the music in that scene is very, very hot.

Yeah I know that this movie was in US theathers long time ago, but in Poland it’s just playing in cinemas. I was in US when it was played, but I couldn’t force myself to go to the cinema. But I don’t regret it, because now I watch it with my very special Ariette, one of not many girls in the world who likes Tarantino’s movies:) Very, very nice.