I want my car back!

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I’m moving through the city by public transport for near a month now. And I’m sick of it! Yes, I’m grambling.

If you never used public transport in Warsaw, you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ll describe it shortly. I’m getting up at 6 am to get a shower, eat breakfast, etc. At 7:30 I’m leaving home to get to the bus stop, luckily just few meters from the place I live. Bus should be there at 7:39, but mostly it’s 7:35, or something like that. Whatever. I’m entering the bus and from this point party starts. First it’s cool because I have a place to sit and there are not so many people around me. But in just 2-3 minutes bus gets overcrowded, and I mean badly overcrowded. People are everywhere, you don’t have enough place to move a muscle. Buses in Poland have no air conditioning in general, so temperature inside is… Well, let’s just say that hell is on earth sometimes:) And now the main part of my description. All womans shouldn’t read any further;) People in Polish buses smell like… I don’t know, some wild animal i would like to say, but no. Animals are cleaning themselves from time to time, but these people don’t. So it smells really badly. And I have to travel in such conditions for an hour.
When I’m getting back from work it’s even worst. And it’s another hour.

I hope that my car would be fixed soon, so I could again travel like a human being should, not like livestock.