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Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time there was a man and his wife. And they’ve had a child, which was lovely, but at the same time very demanding. So they were tired most of the time and needed entertainment which would allow them to spend a nice evening once in a while. As there was wast kingdom of Netflix nearby they’ve used it’s library to search for the good show. And they’ve found one, so they’ve thought at least. It was about this lost kingdom of magic where all characters are now miserable and there are no happy endings anymore. And it was fun at first, not the best, but good. It was maybe not very thrilling, but not boring either. Then bad queen came again, I guess it was her, and show turned up to be another American opera. With a lot of unneeded emotions and happy endings happening all the time again, where they shouldn’t be possible just yet.

Our married couple gave it a second try and watched three more shows, but nothing was the same anymore. What do you expect, one could ask, from the show advertised by poster with exposed ass of main heroine. Nothing I suppose, yet I was expecting something more. Oh well, search for good show continues.

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May 1st, 2014 at 12:30 pm

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Can’t turn on mobile data? (Android 4.2, solution)

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I’ve switched to Android 4.2 recently and noticed one quite annoying problem. I’m using Tasker to switch mobile data on only periodically in order to allow phone to download emails, weather info and other stuff. For majority of time when phone is in my pocket data services are off. It saves a lot of juice from my battery. And it’s working quite fine actually, or was working on Android 4.1. On 4.2 it’s working somehow strange. One day it works, next day it doesn’t.

It was pretty frustrating, so I’ve googled a bit and found out that Android 4.2 has some problems with automatic network selection. I’ve chosen my network manually and now it works like a charm. Here is how to do it:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to Tethering and Networks, then Mobile Networks.
3. Choose Network operators, then Search networks.
4. Now you need to select network of your operator, preferably GSM, and you’re done.

Written by Peter

November 5th, 2013 at 11:34 am

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Vince saves the day (The Internship)

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I must sadly say that recently comedies are in decline. They’re not funny anymore. There were movies where I was able to give a laugh here and there, but generally they’ve sucked. And once my hero, Vince Vaughn is no exception. His latest pictures lacked this thing which made me love him at first. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and things are not so funny to me anymore. But no, old comedies are still good. And I can enjoy them again and again.

I was cautious as to the newest movie of Mr. Vaughn, The Internship. Especially because Owen Wilson is in there. Who was the king of funny movies once and know is just sad. So I thought that this picture would be as lame as other ones.

How wrong I was. Movie is pretty decent actually. Story is nice, quite original I would say, but only in settings. The main idea is as old as cinema itself. We have groups of young, and not so young, people competing with each other for employment at Google. Yes, Animal House in the other form. But it’s really well done. Maybe it’s not so funny to make you choke on your nachos while watching, but it’s alright. You really can make a connection with characters. And it’s not boring at all. It offers nice insight into modern problems. However doesn’t pretend to be anything more than entertainment.

While you’ll be watching it, keep attention to Yo-Yo Santos. He’s the best character in this picture. And “my mother punches harder than you” has deeper meaning with him:)

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October 14th, 2013 at 12:27 pm

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I hate repetitions (Supernatural)

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From time to time I see new stuff on the web made by fans of Supernatural. Some of them are funny, some not. Some are good, others really bad. But it’s not the point. What’s important is the fact that the series has a lot of admirers. But why?

Not that it’s bad. I’ve watched two seasons and it was enjoyable. Problem is that it’s repetitive. Each episode is build around the same scheme. Ugh there is monster somewhere, ugh we’re going there. It appears that it beat us this time, but in the end we’ve beaten it. Hurray we’re heroes again! Put in between things like:
- Glimpses from the back story. The mother taken by the daemon and the father trying to find it.
- Dean being an asshole.
- Sam being a nerd.
And you have full picture.

When I’m reading what I’ve just written, I’m thinking how come I was able to watch entire two seasons? Well, it’s because it’s really well made. And the actors are quite good. Well, I don’t like Sam very much, as he’s too soft. But Dean is a casting head shot. But it doesn’t change the fact that the show is as repetitive as A-Team. Not to mention that it’s actually a copy of Scooby Doo, minus revealing that a monster was really a janitor at the end. Or in some cases even not:)

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October 1st, 2013 at 12:49 pm

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Why Robert, why?! (Killing Season)

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I don’t like judging things without knowing them, so usually I don’t rate movies or books which I haven’t seen. This time however I must make an exception. I’ve seen part of Killing Season recently. Story is simple. Benjamin Ford (De Niro) is one of the executioners during the Bosnian War. One of the people who were supposed to be executed is Emil Kovac (Travolta). He survives. And yes, he wants a revenge. So he buys the classified files of US soldiers and travels to States to hunt down and kill Ford.

He finds him in his hunting house in the middle of the forest. At first they’re just talking as Benjamin obviously doesn’t recognize his victim. Then the action starts. Emil shots Ben in the leg with an arrow. I really don’t remember if it’s the same leg that he got hurt during the war, I wasn’t paying much attention. And now is the scene after which I’ve stopped watching. Kovac tells Ford to get a rope and put it through his wounded leg. After that he hangs him upside down.

WTF?! Who couldn’t expect it coming? Benjamin wanted to be dead after being shot and wanted it fast. But then he agrees to put a rope through his leg. And he thought what would happen? It would end for him painlessly? Common. I haven’t seen such piece of… for a long time.

It’s a pity that such actors as De Niro and Travolta wanted to take part in such lame picture. Yeah, I know. Money is important, but common. Don’t they have enough? I don’t know what is happening in Hollywood, but I see more and more good actors (and actresses) accepting roles in shitty movies. Not to mention that few of them is doing lame commercials. Was there some another financial crisis which affected only movie makers? It looks like the people who were on top for a long time now suddenly are in desperate need of money.

Written by Peter

August 20th, 2013 at 10:21 am